6 CARING- 07 :D (:
Saturday, November 21, 2009
Everything over here !

Okay peeps ,
we're having a bbq at sembawang park .
Timing ; ,5pm - whatever time you need to be home

Food : potluck , please do contribute ,
all halal too thanks ^^
Any volunteers ? :
Chicken wings -
Crisps/potato chips -
Plastic cups/utensils-
Bbq foil -
& other stuff that a bbq needs ,do remind me , tell me what you want to sponser at the cbox so i can update this list (:
Let me stressted , all must contribute & pls bring sufficient food & drinks !
Let me know the no. of people coming so the people who are bringing the food , can estimate the amount .

I'll be booking the pit , which cost $12 , the other time i book it it was this price , im not sure if there are any changes to it.

Date : (im not sure , but i know people cant make in on mondays & thursdays )
25th or 27th nov ?
let me know asap , cuz i need to book pits ._.

Venue : Sembawang Park .

xenia .

Wednesday, November 4, 2009
Class gathering 09

Wooooohooooooo peeps ,
it's term 4 holidays , which means we're freeee ! {:
Want another gathering ?
it'll be the 4th one [:
hope you guys rmb each another though {:

ineed ;
1) DATES [preferably , before dec ,10-25thnov]

Suggested by hamizah ; bbq {:
i'm open for other suggestions , i'm okay with everything as long as it is a class gathering .
so do let me know , sms me or hamizah {:


Monday, June 1, 2009


Today's post is about the June Holiday Gathering.
Sorry been busy and then cannot plan for the
March Holiday Gathering.

Here is the date:

17 JUNE 2009.
Is it okay?

If cannot, please do tell me.
We are going for Steamboat this class gathering.
The place is not confrim yet.
Will confirm with you guys soon.




Friday, March 6, 2009
March Holidays 09 Gathering

Hellos , it's the march hols gathering .

I'hv sms you all but no reply .
Let's make in on a Wednesday ,
the 18th march ok ?

Place ; your choice , choose ur own ,type on the cbox , on where you want to go ,
or just sms me will do .

Time ; When it's convenient . [will be decided when the plans are concrete . ]

so do let me know yeah? it's just a week away !


Friday, November 14, 2008
Class gathering

Hi , these are pics taken in class gathering .

Don't feel offended if any of ur pics are not here & if the pic is too ugly xP

Well enjoy , [hr maybe another gathering in 2009 march by hamizah]

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Yesterday's class gathering was fun.
It is good that quite a number of people
turned up.
I hope you all too enjoyed yourself.

Pictures taken will be posted in the blog soon.
Thanks to Xenia for bringing the camera.
Thanks to Marion and Indera for volunteering
to take the photos.

Next class gathering will be next year during the
March Holidays.
If any of you want to have an outing before the
class gathering, feel free to your ideas at the tagboard
or sms Xenia and Hamizah.


Thursday, November 6, 2008
Date , time & place

Hi , we are going to bowl .
Place :Yishun Safra
Date : THIS IS CONFIRMED - no more changing ! 13/11/08 thursday
Time : 6pm
if you are coming early , or late dosen't really matter , leaving early or late oso can :D

What to bring ?
Socks - rather bring ur own thn buying or renting from them
Sweater - the place is cold , bring one if u need it .
Money - to pay for the lane
how much ? im not too sure , bring around $25 [more the better ;p]
cuz u need to rent the shoes & 1 game cost about $3-$4 ?
maybe havin dinner thr . It's about $4 per game .

Hamizah & Xenia